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Episode name english:

 Patchwork Puzzle

Episode name german:

 Das Patchwork Puzzle

Episode name german alternative:

 Der Wert des Geldes

Episode name french:

 Une couverture en patchwork


 53 in season one 


 53 of 75 overall in 2 seasons 

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First aired in US:

 Wednesday December 11th, 1985 on A&E

First aired in Germany:

 1988 at RTL


 (click for images of Agent selection)

Bruce Sato



Mask -


 Pilot & 



Hondo Maclean

 (final appearance) -

Blaster II

Mask (final appearance of this mask) -



Jacques Lafleur



Mask -



Matt Trakker



Mask -


 Co-Pilot & 





Scott Trakker



•Tommy Thompson

M.A.S.K. Technologies:

 (click for images)

M.A.S.K. has its headquarters at a gas station in Boulder Hill. Boulder Hill Gas works as a functional gas station, complete with gas pumps and a repair garage. Buddie "Clutch" Hawks, M.A.S.K. agent in charge of upkeep on the fleet of transforming vehicles, also maintains the gas station's cover as a working facility. If under attack, the gas station has offensive and defensive transformation abilities, including freeze cannons and armor plating.

Inside, M.A.S.K.'s headquarters is far from ordinary; M.A.S.K.'s vehicles are stored inside, as well as theenergizing device that powers the team's masks. Matt Trakker has a subterranean transportation system that shuttles him between his mansion and M.A.S.K. headquarters. All this is supplemented by an incredibly powerful computer.

 (click for images)
The MASK energy room is one of the central elements of the first MASK episodes.

Hidden deep in Boulder Hill, the energy room consists of two parts. The room where the M.A.S.K. agents come together to discuss the mission, and the actual energy room, also called the mask room.

The table and chairs in the energy room are on a huge platform, which rises up following the meeting.

Once the platform has moved up, it reaches the mask room where the masks will be charged for the mission.

The masks are moved out of the ceiling with the energizing device. The energizing device can hold a maximum of 8 masks.

After the energizing device was mopved out of the ceiling, the arms fold out and an energy beam flows through them, into the masks. With this, the masks are then charged for the mission, and can be used.

In the course of the episodes, the energy room always looks different. He has several designs.

 (click for images)
The M.A.S.K. Computer is housed at both Matt Trakker's mansion and at Boulder Hill. Trakker often uses voice commands to ask the computer to analyse objects and photographs and has programmed the computer to select the most suitable M.A.S.K. agents for each mission.

Occasionally, Trakker uses a portable version housed in a suitcase that has the same capabilities.

The computer is also connected to all MASK vehicles. So Matt uses it regularly in Thunderhawk to let the computer choose the best agents for the mission.

 (click for images)
Every MASK agent had it, every fan wanted it, the iconic MASK watch.

With the watch, today we would say smartwatch, the agents were informed that they were selected by the M.A.S.K. computer for a mission.

A flashing mask, similar to Matt's Ultra Flash mask, appeared in the watch's display, signaling to the agents that they were needed.

These left thereupon everything and drop, and hurried to the mission.

The watch was silver / red with a metal bracelet.

T-BOB technologies, activities, outfits:

 (click for images)



Floyd Malloy



Mask -


 (takes damage) Pilot

Miles Mayhem



Mask -



Nash Gorey



Mask -


 (takes damage) Pilot

Sly Rax



Mask -


 (takes damage) Pilot

Voice Cast:

Doug Stone


Matt Trakker


Bruce Sato


Hondo MacLean


Nash Gorey


Mark Halloran


Sly Rax

  and  Tommy Thompson 

Brendan McKane


Jacques LaFleur


Floyd Malloy


Miles Mayhem


Graeme McKenna



  and  scout 

Sharon Noble


M.A.S.K. Computer

  and  screaming woman 

Brennan Thicke


Scott Trakker


Summary of Patchwork Puzzle

Location of the episode*: Washington, DC, USA
Short summery*: V.E.N.O.M. steals a quilt and a fireplace screen from a Civil War exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute. By following V.E.N.O.M.’s gas fumes with Hurricane’s infrared sensors, M.A.S.K. discovers V.E.N.O.M.’s secret hideout. By holding the fireplace screen in front of the quilt, a message in Morse code is revealed, telling of a stash of $3 million hidden by the Washington Monument. V.E.N.O.M. gets to the monument first, but the loot turns out to be worthless Confederate money.  

Safety tip*
Matt Trakker reminds Scott how to use his scout pen knife safely while carving.

Facts worth knowing about Patchwork Puzzle

Particularly in this episode*:

Matt Trakker uses his Lava Shot mask and wears his Volcano uniform, but only drives with Jacques LaFleur in Volcano from Boulder Hill to Washington, then switches over to drive Rhino with Bruce Sato as his co-pilot.  

Small mistakes in the episode*:

•When Mayhem and Rax return to the Smithsonian, Rax says Gorey theft happened yesterday, even though story-wise it still appears to be the same day.
Mayhem is suddenly not wearing his gloves when he pushes the Foucault Pendulum.
•Arriving at V.E.N.O.M.'s hideout, Rhino is missing it's headlights as it approaches camera, then they suddenly appear just before it comes to a halt.
•As all the scouts are laughing after they trip up Rax, the audio is noticeably repeated and looped.  




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