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Episode name english:

 The Spectre Of Captain Kidd

Episode name german:

 Der Geist von Käptain Kidd

Episode name german alternative:

 Captain Kidd's Schatz

Episode name french:

 Le fantôme du capitaine Kidd


 45 in season one 


 45 of 75 overall in 2 seasons 

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First aired in US:

 Friday November 29th, 1985 on A&E

First aired in Germany:

 1988 at RTL


 (click for images of Agent selection)

Dusty Hayes



Mask -



Hondo Maclean


Blaster II

Mask -



Matt Trakker



Mask -





Scott Trakker




M.A.S.K. Technologies:

 (click for images)

The M.A.S.K. Computer is housed at both Matt Trakker's mansion and at Boulder Hill. Trakker often uses voice commands to ask the computer to analyse objects and photographs and has programmed the computer to select the most suitable M.A.S.K. agents for each mission.

Occasionally, Trakker uses a portable version housed in a suitcase that has the same capabilities.

The computer is also connected to all MASK vehicles. So Matt uses it regularly in Thunderhawk to let the computer choose the best agents for the mission.

 (click for images)
Every MASK agent had it, every fan wanted it, the iconic MASK watch.

With the watch, today we would say smartwatch, the agents were informed that they were selected by the M.A.S.K. computer for a mission.

A flashing mask, similar to Matt's Ultra Flash mask, appeared in the watch's display, signaling to the agents that they were needed.

These left thereupon everything and drop, and hurried to the mission.

The watch was silver / red with a metal bracelet.

T-BOB technologies, activities, outfits:

 (click for images)

In order for Scott to communicate with his father Matt Trakker, T-Bob has installed a communication system.

The keypad, microphone and speaker are located on the back of T-Bob's head. Covered with a flap.

The communication system often helps Scott and T-Bob out of trouble, but Scott has also used it to save a mission or two.

Scott can contact the M.A.S.K. team with it, or he is contacted over it by the M.A.S.K. team.

 (click for images)
Scott has T-Bob find a bees nest. Scott has nothing better to do than pick them off the tree and make nonsense with them.

From the honey he forms a ball, has Matt not explained that you do not play with food, and comes up with the idea to fire it with T-Bob's cannon.

The cannon is installed under the lid in T-Bob's head. At the place also already the Uhu of the camera, the match bomb, the telescope mirror or also the bowl for Scotts popcorn was obstructed.

So now a cannon with which T-Bob could fire the honey ball.

This of course went wrong and the honey landed on Scott and T-Bob.

The bees did not find this funny at all and so Scott and T-Bob had to flee to avoid being stung.

 (click for images)
Already in the episode Deadly Blue Slime we could see T-Bob's grappling hook.

This time he uses it to rappel down a pit.

This time he uses 2 of the 4 grappling hooks. He uses the two on his back. To be seen are also good the winches to which they are attached.

Unfortunately, T-Bob gets tangled and Matt descends to save him. Now, however, Matt is in danger.

 (click for images)


Cliff Dagger



Mask -



Floyd Malloy



Mask (first appearance) -


 (first appearance) (get destroyed) Pilot

Miles Mayhem



Mask -



Vanessa Warfield



Mask -


 (takes damage) Pilot

V.E.N.O.M. Technologies:

 (click for images)

In several episodes you can see Manta with 2 saw blades on the front.

The saw blades flip out from the base and are actively used as both a weapon and a tool.

The saw blades were only available in the cartoon, even in the Racing Series episodes, not with the toy. However, there are Customs of the saw blades.


Voice Cast:

Doug Stone


Matt Trakker


Dusty Hayes


Hondo MacLean


Mark Halloran


Cliff Dagger


Brendan McKane


Miles Mayhem


Floyd Malloy


Graeme McKenna



  and  Guard at fort 

Sharon Noble


Vanessa Warfield


M.A.S.K. Computer

  and  girl at beach 

Brennan Thicke


Scott Trakker


Summary of The Spectre of Captain Kidd

Location of the episode*: The Caribbean
Short summery*: Matt, Hondo, Scott and T-Bob are visiting an island that once belonged to a famous captain named Captain Kidd. Suddenly cannon shots are fired from the island. Each cannonball is filled with a golden ball. M.A.S.K. decides to play a trick on V.E.N.O.M. by changing the real canonballs at the castle for dummys filled with bubble gum.  

Safety tip*
At the beach, Scott tells a boy and girl not to play with glass. T-Bob paints a 'tan' on himself.

Facts worth knowing about The Spectre of Captain Kidd

Particularly in this episode*:

•First appearance Floyd Malloy and Vampire. Vampire is directly destroyed at the end of the episode.
Cliff Dagger is Manta's co-pilot during this mission.  

Small mistakes in the episode*:

•When Miles Mayhem sees M.A.S.K. approaching, his gloves are flesh colored during one close-up.
•During the safety tip on the beach, as Scott lectures the two other kids, his legs are far too long in proportion to the top half of his body.  




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