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Episode name english:

 The Chinese Scorpion

Episode name german:

 Der Schatz des Kublai-Khan

Episode name german alternative:

 Der Schatz des Kublai Khan

Episode name french:

 Le scorpion chinois


 43 in season one 


 43 of 75 overall in 2 seasons 

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First aired in US:

 Wednesday November 27th, 1985 on A&E

First aired in Germany:

 1988 at RTL


 (click for images of Agent selection)

Alex Sector



Mask -


 Co-Pilot & 

Rhino ATV


Bruce Sato



Mask -


 Co-Pilot & 



Hondo Maclean


Blaster II

Mask -



Matt Trakker



Mask & Ultra Flash Mask -


 (get destroyed) Pilot & 





Scott Trakker



•Dr. Choi

M.A.S.K. Technologies:

 (click for images)

The M.A.S.K. Computer is housed at both Matt Trakker's mansion and at Boulder Hill. Trakker often uses voice commands to ask the computer to analyse objects and photographs and has programmed the computer to select the most suitable M.A.S.K. agents for each mission.

Occasionally, Trakker uses a portable version housed in a suitcase that has the same capabilities.

The computer is also connected to all MASK vehicles. So Matt uses it regularly in Thunderhawk to let the computer choose the best agents for the mission.

 (click for images)
Every MASK agent had it, every fan wanted it, the iconic MASK watch.

With the watch, today we would say smartwatch, the agents were informed that they were selected by the M.A.S.K. computer for a mission.

A flashing mask, similar to Matt's Ultra Flash mask, appeared in the watch's display, signaling to the agents that they were needed.

These left thereupon everything and drop, and hurried to the mission.

The watch was silver / red with a metal bracelet.

 (click for images)
The M.A.S.K.Transport Jet is an enormous transport plane used by M.A.S.K. to fly their vehicles to other locations.

In the episode Caesar's Sword, Gloria Baker is seen piloting the Transport Jet with Hondo MacLean as her co-pilot.

In the episode Green Nightmare, Alex Sector and Dusty Hayes are at the controls, with Brad Turner serving as navigator. Alex and Dusty are again seen piloting the vehicle in the episode The Everglades Oddity, while Ace Riker, who is an ex-test pilot, looks over their shoulders.

Alex is once more seen piloting the jet in The Creeping Terror, with Jacques LaFleur as co-pilot and Matt & Scott Trakker in passenger seats while T-Bob is blow drying Scott's hair.

In the episode Plunder of Glowworm Grotto, the pilot is Bruce Sato, with Dusty once again serving as co-pilot and Gloria in the navigators position. However, Bruce boards Julio Lopez's vehicle Firefly and exits the Transport Jet while still in flight. Then Dusty saves Bruce's life using his Backlash mask from inside the Jet's hangar bay door. Thus leaving Gloria allone to pilot the vehicle.

In several episodes, such as Curse of Solomon's Gorge; The Lost Fleet and Follow the Rainbow the Transport Jet lifts off immediately after dispatching the M.A.S.K. vehicles and agents with no indication who could be flying it.

In the episode Panda Power, an unidentified pilot drives a forklift carrying a crate out of the transport, deposits the crate on the ground and leaves.

In the episode Dragonfire, Scott Trakker mistakingly calls the Transport Jet a "hovercraft".

In the episode Stone Trees, the Transport Jet is unable to land in the Canadian forest, so Condor flies out and Volcano dives off the ramp with a parachute. It is unclear if Volcano is being operated by remote control or has an unseen driver since Jacques LaFleur was already on location. It is also unclear who piloted the jet during this mission.

Similarly, in The Scarlet Empress, Raven exits the Jet while it still in the air and the transport pilot is never referenced.

In the episode 'Treasure of the Nazca Plain, Bruce Sato is manning a communication station aboard the jet with Brad Turner and Julio Lopez looking over his shoulder. Who is piloting at this time remains unknown.

In Gate of Darkness, Brad Turner seves as pilot and Buddy Hawks is the navigator. Matt requests that Brad makes a video scan of the Gate of Darkness using a multi-headed camera that deploys from the bottom of the jet. Matt then orders Brad and Dusty to do a Trans-Drop, ejecting their vehicles Condor and Firecracker from the plane while it hovers in mid-air.

Two of the same projectors used as a camera in Gate of Darkness are used to create a magnetic barrier over a ship in The Manakara Giant. Once again, the M.A.S.K. vehicles, in this case Thunderhawk and Raven exit the hovering Transport jet.

In Raiders of the Orient Express, Slingshot, Condor and Thunderhawk are seen boarding the Transport Jet. It remains unknown who opens the landing doors for them. All of them exit the Transport in flight.

 (click for images)
Rhino has many different technologies as a mobile operations center. One of them has an important role to play in the episode, so I want to highlight it.

Rhino's ATV, it´s All-Terrain Vehicle.

The rear of Rhino, behind the sleeping cabin, houses the ATV. This could be driven out. Rhino leaves the outer part of the 1st axle, the inner wheels form the front axle of the ATV. Then the saddle plate is opened and a driver can take a seat.

The ATV itself is also equipped with weapons.

The ATV was always used when Rhino, or the other vehicles, was broken down, or Rhino did not get on and a small maneuverable vehicle was needed.

The ATV is part of the toy and is a cool feature.

T-BOB technologies, activities, outfits:

 (click for images)

Like all MASK agents' vehicles, Scott's vehicle can transform T-Bob. In this, and many other episodes, T-Bob's default mode can be seen.

T-Bob has a wheel on which he can ride after his transformation, like a one-wheeled scooter.

Scott uses T-Bob very often as a means of transportation, transforming T-Bob into scooter mode.

This mode was also part of the toy, but rather poorly implemented, as T-Bob had 3 wheels here.


Bruno Sheppard


Magna Beam

Mask (first appearance) -


 (first appearance) Pilot

Cliff Dagger



Mask -



Miles Mayhem



Mask -



Sly Rax



Mask -



Vanessa Warfield



Mask -



V.E.N.O.M. Technologies:

 (click for images)

Dr. Choi, Li's grandfather, is sitting at his desk when suddenly the earth shakes and a hole is blown in the wall of his house. Shortly thereafter, a huge claw of a scorpion pierces his wall.

Subsequently, a huge mechanical scorpion stands in his house. The scorpion has a red carapace, 2 claws and a huge tail that has a laser beam instead of a stinger.

With one of his claws, he takes Dr. Choi and kidnaps him.

M.A.S.K. gets knowledge of this and goes to China. Here they take up the pursuit.

On the Great Wall of China, Matt and Bruce make acquaintance with the Scorpion in Thunderhawk after chain tracks reveal his whereabouts.

He pelts Thunderhawk with stones from the wall and shoots them with laser beams from his tail, which Matt successfully avoids at the wheel of Thunderhawk.

However, with a laser beam from its mouth, the Scorpion catches Thunderhawk and with a well-aimed strike with its tail, the Scorpion brings Thunderhawk crashing down.

The Scorpion grabs Thunderhawk with one of his claws and literally rams Thunderhawk into the ground.

After Dr. Choi opened the treasure chamber in the Great Wall of China, the Scorpion joins V.E.N.O.M.. The Scorpion's back armor opens, the front part opens and a new V.E.N.O.M. vehicle rides out of the Scorpion's shell. It is Stinger, the vehicle of the new V.E.N.O.M. agent Bruno Sheppard.

When it comes to the fight Bruno wants to go back to the Scorpion's tank with Stinger to start the fight, just before he made it the tank is destroyed by Rhino.


Voice Cast:

Doug Stone


Matt Trakker


Bruce Sato


Hondo MacLean


Bruno Sheppard

  and  Dr. Choi 

Mark Halloran


Cliff Dagger


Sly Rax


Brendan McKane


Alex Sector


Miles Mayhem


Graeme McKenna




Sharon Noble


Vanessa Warfield


M.A.S.K. Computer


Brennan Thicke


Scott Trakker

  and Li 

Summary of The Chinese Scorpion

Location of the episode*: The Great Wall, China
Short summery*: V.E.N.O.M. kidnaps a scientist who has located a treasure hidden in the Great Wall of China. Eyewitnesses say a giant metal scorpion took the professor. Bruno Sheppard’s Stinger was hidden inside the scorpion shell. Thunderhawk gets buried inside the Great Wall by the scorpion and is severely damaged.  

Safety tip*
T-Bob is almost hit by a truck when he doesn't pay attention crossing the sidewalk while wearing Scott's headphones.

Facts worth knowing about The Chinese Scorpion

Particularly in this episode*:

•First appearance of Bruno Sheppard and Stinger.
Thunderhawk is taken out of action and Matt Trakker is unable to use Spectrum. After the rest of the team arrives, he changes to his Rhino uniform and uses Ultra Flash.  

Small mistakes in the episode*:

Hondo MacLean uses the command "Blaster, on" which is associated with his mask when he fires the laser cannons on Hurricane.  




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