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Episode name english:

 Eyes Of The Skull

Episode name german:

 Die Augen des Schädels

Episode name german alternative:

 Das Mysterium des Kristallschädels

Episode name french:

 Les yeux derrière la tête


 40 in season one 


 40 of 75 overall in 2 seasons 

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First aired in US:

 Friday November 22nd, 1985 on A&E

First aired in Germany:

 1988 at RTL


 (click for images of Agent selection)

Bruce Sato



Mask -



Dusty Hayes




Gloria Baker




Matt Trakker



Mask -





Scott Trakker




M.A.S.K. Technologies:

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M.A.S.K. has its headquarters at a gas station in Boulder Hill. Boulder Hill Gas works as a functional gas station, complete with gas pumps and a repair garage. Buddie "Clutch" Hawks, M.A.S.K. agent in charge of upkeep on the fleet of transforming vehicles, also maintains the gas station's cover as a working facility. If under attack, the gas station has offensive and defensive transformation abilities, including freeze cannons and armor plating.

Inside, M.A.S.K.'s headquarters is far from ordinary; M.A.S.K.'s vehicles are stored inside, as well as theenergizing device that powers the team's masks. Matt Trakker has a subterranean transportation system that shuttles him between his mansion and M.A.S.K. headquarters. All this is supplemented by an incredibly powerful computer.

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The MASK energy room is one of the central elements of the first MASK episodes.

Hidden deep in Boulder Hill, the energy room consists of two parts. The room where the M.A.S.K. agents come together to discuss the mission, and the actual energy room, also called the mask room.

The table and chairs in the energy room are on a huge platform, which rises up following the meeting.

Once the platform has moved up, it reaches the mask room where the masks will be charged for the mission.

The masks are moved out of the ceiling with the energizing device. The energizing device can hold a maximum of 8 masks.

After the energizing device was mopved out of the ceiling, the arms fold out and an energy beam flows through them, into the masks. With this, the masks are then charged for the mission, and can be used.

In the course of the episodes, the energy room always looks different. He has several designs.

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The M.A.S.K. Computer is housed at both Matt Trakker's mansion and at Boulder Hill. Trakker often uses voice commands to ask the computer to analyse objects and photographs and has programmed the computer to select the most suitable M.A.S.K. agents for each mission.

Occasionally, Trakker uses a portable version housed in a suitcase that has the same capabilities.

The computer is also connected to all MASK vehicles. So Matt uses it regularly in Thunderhawk to let the computer choose the best agents for the mission.

T-BOB technologies, activities, outfits:

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Like all MASK agents' vehicles, Scott's vehicle can transform T-Bob. In this, and many other episodes, T-Bob's default mode can be seen.

T-Bob has a wheel on which he can ride after his transformation, like a one-wheeled scooter.

Scott uses T-Bob very often as a means of transportation, transforming T-Bob into scooter mode.

This mode was also part of the toy, but rather poorly implemented, as T-Bob had 3 wheels here.

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At the end of the episode, it is T-Bob who saves Mission. The crystal skull must be destroyed, and Matt hopes that V.E.N.O.M. will ignore T-Bob.

So T-Bob gets the technology installed not by Scott, but by Bruce.

T-Bob gets a telescope mirror, which he can extend so far that the crystal skull sees his own reflection. Which destroys him.

As V.E.N.O.M. flees, Mayhew catches the mirror with a skid from Switchblade and T-Bob takes off.

The frame of the mirror breaks and T-Bob lands in Alcatraz of all places.


Cliff Dagger



Mask -



Miles Mayhem



Mask -


 Co-Pilot & 



Sly Rax



Mask -




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The Crystal Skull was discovered during an archaeological dig in Central America. It was possibly an artifact of ancient Mayan indians. Some legends claimed that anyone who looked through the eyes of the skull could see through solid objects. According to the M.A.S.K. Computer, light waves that passed through the skull were altered in unexplaned ways. The nature of the crystal itself was not understood.

Around 1985, it was part of a special auction held in San Francisco that was sponsored by millionaire philanthropist Matt Trakker.

After a one of a kind, more than two thousand year old tribal mask was sold to the Barana Afrikan Museum for thirty age thousand dollars, the Auctioneer presented the Crystal Skull. He explained the skull was quite ancient, but nobody know how it was made or how. Only an advanced civilization could have achieved such precision. Bidding was to start at fifty thousand dollars.

The first bid was from Bruce Sato, who was actually representing Matt Trakker himself. When the robot T-Bob began waving his arms around out of sheer boredom, the auctioneer interpreted the gesture as a second bid, of sixty thousand dollars. Crowley of the Archaeological Insitute then bid seventy thousand, Bruce went up to eighty and T-Bob inadvertedly upped the price with three bids in a row to one hundred and ten thousand thousand.

At that moment the crystal skull suddenly began to glow and the lights in the gallery dimmed. When a blinding light shot forth from the skull, all the people in attendance were temporarily blinded. As the lights returned to normal, it became clear that that the skull had disappeared. Trakker, his son Scott, T-Bob and Sato all ran up to the stage to examin the place where the skull was last seen.

T-Bob discovered a trap door beneath the pedestal, which led to a hole in the ground in which the robot soon fell. Down there he found a mini-laser aimed to shine up through the pedestal. The skull had been dropped trough the tunnel and stolen. Sato and the auctioneer agreed that it was strange that the skull had been stolen instead of some of the other art objects up for auction which were worth more. Mr. Crowley also entered into the discussion. He surmised that the thief must have been aware of the skull's true powers. He concluded that the crystal skull in criminal hands was a very serious matter.

The skull had been taken by agents of V.E.N.O.M.. Aware of the legends, V.E.N.O.M. leader Miles Mayhem tested the powers of the skull by looking through the walls of a bank, thereby learning both the combination to enter the building as well as that of the safe. He and his accomplices could enter easilly as the bank was closed on a Sunday afternoon. However, their vehicles, a Bronco and a motorcycle with sidecar were recognized by Bruce Sato as he and the Trakkers drove by. Trakker and Sato quickly changed into their M.A.S.K. uniforms to engage their enemies.

Sly Rax warned Mayhem that M.A.S.K. had arrived, but Mayhem recognized the opportunity to find out the true identities of his long time enemies by looking through their Masked disguises using the skull. Although he didn't recognize Sato, he immediatlely identified Matt Trakker as the leader of M.A.S.K. The villains fled from the scene shortly after that and made plans to kidnap Scott Trakker so they could blackmail his father into giving up all of M.A.S.K.'s secrets and technology.

Trakker and Sato visited Crowley to learn more about the legends of the Crystal Skull. He explained to them that if he had succeeded in winning the auction, he would have returned the skull to the ground. According to him, it had come into human hands at the wrong time. The world was not yet ready for the powers of the crystal skull. He elaborated on how the skull could be destroyed: it can see through all things but itself. It cannot survive seeing it's own image/reflection. At the moment of destruction, all knowledge gained with it would be erased from the mind of anyone who has looked through it. "Such a waste" was his conclusion.

Armed with this information, Trakker went to meet Mayhem on the Golden Gate bridge at dawn, taking all of M.A.S.K.'s secrets and special masks with him. He also took along T-Bob, who had been specially modified for the occasion by Sato to be able to extend a large mirror from his dome. During the confrontation, T-Bob's extending arms grabbed both the skull and young Scott from the clutches of his captors and used the mirror to reflect the Crytal Skull and self destruct. As Crowley had predicted, all three of the V.E.N.O.M. agents promptly forgot all that they has learned by gazing through the eyes of the skull, and the secrets of M.A.S.K. were secured once more.  

Voice Cast:

Doug Stone


Matt Trakker


Bruce Sato


Dusty Hayes


Mark Halloran


Cliff Dagger


Sly Rax

  and  Auctioneer 

Brendan McKane


Miles Mayhem

  and  Crowley 

Graeme McKenna




Sharon Noble


Gloria Baker


M.A.S.K. Computer


Brennan Thicke


Scott Trakker


Summary of Eyes Of The Skull

Location of the episode*: San Francisco, USA
Short summery*: V.E.N.O.M. steals an artifact, a so-called Crystal Skull that allows x-ray vision. By using the skull during combat with M.A.S.K., Mayhem sees through the masks and discovers Matt Trakker's true identity. V.E.N.O.M. kidnaps Scott Trakker and demands as a ransom all M.A.S.K. secrets and the Trakker family fortune in return for Scott's release. An art collector tells Matt that when the skull is destroyed, the knowledge obtained with it is also gone. M.A.S.K. destroys the skull and their secret is safe once again.  

Safety tip*
T-Bob notices someone sneaking around at night and Scott begins to call the police. When T-Bob concludes they're just fixing a flat tyre, Scott reminds him it never hurts to call the police in any case.

Facts worth knowing about Eyes Of The Skull

Particularly in this episode*:

Mayhem recognizes through the skull Matt & Bruce, later he does not remembers, as his gained knowledge was erased with the destruction of the skull.
Gloria & Dusty never get to wear their masks during this mission. The only time Aura and Backlash are seen is briefly during the M.A.S.K. Computer call-up.  

Small mistakes in the episode*:

•During the chase between Piranha and T-Bob, Rax passes the same buildings twice, including one that has a billboard that says "My House".
Matt Trakker refers to Boulder Hill as "Boulder Mountain."
•When Gloria & Dusty are seen packing all the mask masks at Boulder Hill, Dusty is holding Spectrum and Lifter, even though Matt & Bruce were just seen wearing these masks in San Francisco. They also pack Jackrabbit, even though Alex Sector is not even involved in the mission.
•After the crystal skull explodes, Mayhem can still be seen carrying it as he climbs into Switchblade.
•During the safety tip segment, the wall behind 's bed, including part of the bedpost turns the same color purple as the drapes midway through a shot.  




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