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01 - The deathstone

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Location of the episode: Colorado, USA


In the opening scene, a meteor hits a remote area. This impact causes the growth of a green network, which indicates extraordinary properties.

The next day the military explored the scenery. Based on the occurrences, the scientist concludes that the meteor can donate life energy. Suddenly a UFO appears and steals the meteor. The UFO is remotely controlled by Cliff Dagger, a Venom agent. Cliff tries to steal the video camera that was used to record the entire process. However, he is kicked in the knee by Professor Stevens and the professor flees. Cliff contacts Sly Rax over the radio. He takes care of the runaway with Piranha. Dagger also comes with his jackhammer and pursues Professor Stevens' jeep. With a well-aimed shot they hit the tire of the jeep and it crashes over a cliff into the water. The two Venom agents think they are dead.

When the professor wakes up, she finds herself in Matt Trakker's country house. After a brief introduction and discussion of the situation, everything is clear. Scott and T-Bob are meanwhile having a table tennis match together. Scott is just reaching the crucial point. Since T-Bob is a bad loser, he doesn't feel like it anymore. The two of them decide to spy, which is what Scott's father, Matt Trakker, is doing.

He is currently watching the professor's video and comes to the conclusion that Venom is responsible and is behind the whole mess. Scott and T-Bob, of course, watched the whole scene. Matt decides to do the agent selection. Then he immediately goes to Boulder Hill. Of course, Scott and T-Bob also want to be part of the party.

Meanwhile, Venom is doing an experiment on the stolen meteorite to test the property. For this, Miles divides the stone into three parts and the nearby flowers die immediately. Miles is satisfied with the result and immediately starts looking for suitable buyers for this weapon.

In the meantime, the Mask agents have come to Bolder Hill and are being informed of the situation. After the masks have been charged, the mission begins. Venom is already on the way to the sales meeting point. Matt already has them on his radar and gives the order to attack. Switchblade tries to take on Condor and Firercracker. Matt comes to the aid of the other agents. Brad Turner uses a hologram to divert the rocket sent by Switchblade from its target, thus putting Switchblade itself in distress.

Scott and T-Bob are hiding in the back of Firercracker and are a little scared. Rhino takes on Sly Rax instead. Firercracker has to do with Jackhammer and Rhino gets in the way, so that Hondo can only prevent worse with a bold evasive maneuver. Scott is thrown from the loading area during this action. With combined forces, however, Mask manages to save Scott again and put Venom to flight.

However, Hondo is injured in this risky rescue operation. Scott and T-Bob feel guilty and set out on their own to get the meterite back and save Hondo.

Arrived at the meeting point, T-Bob starts a diversionary maneuver so that Scott can steal Switchblade and notify Mask. They will of course rush to help as soon as possible. Despite his poor flying skills, Scott manages to sink the Venombande in the harbor basin and thus frees T-Bob. Together, the two of them tear apart in a truck.

Mask arrives in the meantime and a wild fight breaks out, at the end of which Venom draws the worst and flees. This prevents the transactions and Mask recovers two of the three parts of the meteorite. Scott and T-Bob bring back the third part that they found in the stolen truck. now Professor Stevens can finally put the Metorite back together so that Hondo can be saved by his healing powers.

Then the powers of the meteor are extinguished. Everyone is happy about the successful ending.

Scott and t bob are playing baseball. The ball flies on the street and Scott wants to get him. However, there comes a pressing, so that he must wait. From it follows, only to the left and on the right look, before one crosses the street.

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MASK agents: Matt Trakker, Brad Turner, Bruce Sato, Alex Sector, Hondo Mc Lean, Dusty Hayes, Buddy Hawks, Scott & T-Bob,
MASK vehicles: Condor, Firecracker , Gator, Rhino, Thunderhawk,
MASK agents: Miles Mayem, Cliff Dagger, Sly Rax,
MASK vehicles: Jackhammer, Piranha, Switchblade,
First aired in US: Monday September 30, 1985 on A&E

First aired in Germany: 1987 at RTL

Availability: AMAZON PRIME | Bluray | DVD

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