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I would like to celebrate with you. An incredible anniversary.

The website is 20 years old! More than 20 years ago Bill had the idea to create a MASK website.

In that time, many sites have come, and gone. Bill, however, has kept MASK alive for 20 years. Today especially with his great Youtube channel, which every MASK fan must have subscribed to.

Bill, keep up the awesome work!!! Congratulations

I got a great package these days. I don't collect anymore, but I wanted to support @vectarized. I wanted to honor his great work.

The most important reason for me was that the money for the Venom's Revenge box will be donated to Brendan McKane's widow, Sharon Noble.
You guys want to support Sharon? Then contact @vectarized at
He currently still has the Venom's Revenge and Rescue Mission boxes. The Collector is sold out. All the more annoying that the postal carrier has crushed them.

Shinji Aramaki
We conducted an interview with Shinji Aramaki in March 2021. Shinji designed the vehicles, the mechanics of the vehicles and the accessories for the cartoon series.

He is also responsible for the complete development of Shark and Manta, which were never intended to be toys!

Shinji gave us in the interview insights into dei creation of the vehicles in the cartoon.

Read the full interview.

Many fans have asked for it.

Now they are here. The box art drawings by Lance Anderson in high resolution ????

I have rescanned all of them and made them available for you to download in a resolution of 300dpi as .jpg or .pdf

Now available for free download at

You will find all drawings that Lance gave me as a copy in 2003.

I have tried to edit the scans as best I can to give you the best possible result.

Merry M.A.S.K.MAS eryone. 

I was guest at Behind the MASK from our friends at I don´t want to say much. Tune in and enjoy out talk. 

Hello MASK fans, it‘s done. We started doing it in 2005, but never finished. Now the time has come. We took screenshots for all 75 episodes. Not 5 or 10, no, 712 screenshots on average each episode.

What a day! Today Hasbro presented, during a Fan First Transformers podcast, new Transformers. They´re from the line PULSE

M.A.S.K. turns 35 today. 35 years ago today the first episode The death stone aired on television.
To celebrate this, the site has a very special gift for all fans. An absolute highlight. The Mega Secret Red Book. Sensational, check it out. The second gift to us Fans is a new online retro magazine. The first title Story is M.A.S.K. to celebrate the anniversary. Enjoy retrofiedmag

Hello MASK fans,

AAM needs your help. Do you want to help the community and you have the time working on this site?

We currently need help in all sections. E.g. the news, toy line, cartoon and merchandise. You can help with pictures or texts, or just your ideas and criticism.

Our Facebook page is also happy to receive your help.

Just write me an email, we will discuss everything.

Nixbu, publisher of the german DVD´s, told me today, there will be a collectors editon of the 3rd box in germany.

As special stuff you will get a lighter and a Kalender
The coolest part is the the callender is an endless calendar. The calendar is made by us.

If youre interessted, take a look and get this great box.


we had more than 90 000 users at AAM. THANKS to all of you, you are the reason for our success.

THANKS to all M.A.S.K fans.

I added 2 new episodes on our site. Der Highway to terror and Die Video Venom

Have fun.

I have seen at Amazon, the 3rd german DvD box will come out at January, the 6th of 2006.

That´s the Cover: Resized Image