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Laser Command is one of the rarest and most expensive MASK Toys ever. But what is the stoty behind Laser Command?

I had a little small talk in June 2006 with Ralph Baer. He told me a little bit about the story behind Laser Command.

Before I start to tell you the story. Who was Ralph Bear? He was more than just the guy behind Laser Command!

Resized ImageIn 2006 I uploaded a video of Robot Chicken to Youtube, Matt's Wedding. One episode of Robot Chicken with our heroes from M.A.S.K. Unfortunately, the video had to be taken offline. It can no longer be found either.

Some time later I had an email in my mailbox from? Exactly, Seth Green himself! In this mail, he told me that he has the Robot Chicken video at my Youtube chanel, and came to visit All about M.A.S.K. and he wants to tell me a story.

M.A.S.K. and the series Robot Chicken don't have much in common, you might think. But there is a story that should be told.

For that story we have to go back many years.
Now we know that Robot Chicken was invented by the popular actor Seth Green. And this is exactly where the common can be found. Seth Green.