The MASK Engery Room

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I'm delighted to present a collaboration between Bill Faries from, Robert Grignani from and Gordon Hanwood from All about M.A.S.K.
We warmly welcome fans of M.A.S.K to the MASK Energy Room! A newly created M.A.S.K Message Board to which all M.A.S.K fans are invited to sign-up and join today!

It’s been a long time since this great community can all come together into one platform and share our love and passion for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand!
As the MASK community kept growing, it was evident that so many different locations might be hard for the fans to keep track of which is why this message board has been brought to life. Please, still patronize the facebook groups, etc… but consider this message board a great resource and tool for you to utilize with your MASK habits!

This message board is for everyone; collectors, sellers, traders, custom artists, websites and content creators, to share everything MASK related. We want you to have fun and enjoy your experience here at the MASK Energy Room so please, if you have any issues, contact us so we can help resolve them for you as soon as possible.
Special thanks to Kero Wack! For designing the header and the inspiration for the design!

A short message from the creators of this Message Board:

All of us have kept MASK alive in one form or another; it doesn’t matter how big or little your contribution is, you lasting devoting to the best cartoon and toy line of the 80s shows that we are in this together. Your creativity and passion continue to astound me to this day and I appreciate everyone's efforts. We will see MASK return one day and it will be because of all of you!
I’m very proud to be working alongside Robert of and Gordon of All about M.A.S.K. to have this come to life!


I can’t believe it’s been 35 years since our beloved Franchise was released. Time however appears abstract as we have such an awesome community of fans that have been keeping it alive. That warmth in the community has been a catalyst to ignite the embers of passion for the best Toy-line and cartoon of our generation. The devotion of fans across all platforms together with the creativity of the many customizers and content creators has not only fuelled the rush us “Nostalgia Hunters” crave, but more importantly has kept M.A.S.K relevant! I am so proud of the community. No one can take away what we already have, but if we stay the course we may yet see M.A.S.K return!

It’s an honour to work with my fellow agents Bill at and Gordon from All about M.A.S.K. to make this a reality. But it is up to you fellow agents to spread the word and make this a dream a success! I do hope you accept this mission!


A community lives from its fans. And our community has the best fans in the world. You all are the reason that MASK has been alive and unforgotten for over 35 years.
With all your passion, dedication, creativity and brilliant ideas, our favorite series and the best toys of the 80s are kept alive.

Every day we are surprised by what the community conjures up. You give so much to each other that it's time to get something back.

I'm very grateful to have brought this project to life for you together with and Robert from

Now it is up to you to bring it to life.

Gordon, All about M.A.S.K.


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